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The enneagram reading I had done by Indra was emotional, insightful and awakening. Indra helped me understand who I am, my motives and behavior. I felt relaxed with Indra. This allowed for open and deep conversation. Due to Indra I am on the right path towards bliss.  I excitedly told several friends of my experience with Indra and I would recommend it for anyone!   Thank you Indra!              Gina, Australia


I had a reading with Indra recently and in the ease of his presence, he showed me a beautiful blend of astrology and the enneagram. From his lifetime of study and obvious personal experience,  he was able to see deep insights into my personal patterned behaviors with the science of Vedic astrology to support the evidence of behaviors and deeply suppressed pain and passion. Being exposed to both systems gave great reasoning into they why's of many aspects of my being, feeling like a helping hand towards the light, of otherwise potential ignorance that may have gone unnoticed for lifetimes. This has revealed to me many gems of my truth which i now have clear access to in a growing awareness of my journey towards THE truth. Indra's gentle, loving nature and his contagious laughter made a very personal reading and look into hidden facets of this mind/body an enjoyable experience of sharing, not the isolating scary place that it can be.   Thank you Indra.

Courtney, New Zealand


Getting a reading with Indra was perhaps the best gift I have ever given myself. By giving me his unique insight into my personal story and astrology and the tools to dig further into what we discovered, I feel stronger and more capable than ever of uncovering the truth of who I really am and more importantly, who I am not. The best part is, this is just the beginning, the worst part is, this is just the beginning. I feel the most grateful I have felt in years. 

Adrienne, Canada


The three hour consultation with Indra was amazing! It was not only inspiring but deeply accurate in terms of hidden chapters of my own personality. His analysis is very structured. It starts with the personality type and then digging deeper and deeper into it with Vedic Astrology, the Yugas and the Wheel of Totality. To shed light into dark corners of my personality did not seem easy at first, but is a big gift at second glance. Also, he gave me 'tools' to open up these dark corners to sunlight. If you are ready to bring change to your life, don't hesitate to consult him. For me it is life changing!   Katharina, Germany


I was hesitant booking an appointment to see Indra having had a not so good experience with an astrologer previously in India, however something made me give him a call and I'm very glad I did. Indra has great communication skills, he can explain what he sees in your charts or types very clearly, and he also listens which is so important. He is very generous with his time and really gives you a comprehensive reading taking his time to ensure you understand it all. In the few weeks since I had my reading with Indra I am realizing more and more of the truth in the things he told me. He's also just a really cool and lovely guy to hang around with for a few hours! I thoroughly recommend a reading with Indra Rinzler to anybody considering it.                                 Taisce, England


Thank you Indra for connecting me with the Enneagram. It has put things into place with so much clarity! Mandira, Holland



about the after effect


Thoughts from our conversation continue to resonate with me. I’m watching my triggers closely now and see them for what they are. Your reading has been a fascinating part of the bigger puzzle I’ve been working on and seemed to have come at the perfect time. As I’ve been working on this process with H......, I’ve seen a lot of triggers coming up and emotions I normally would have blamed her for causing I can now see as coming from my pain avoidance programming. Now I’m sitting with those emotions until I can see where I’m feeling threatened and having conversations about it instead of pushing her away.

Keep doing your good work. You’ve got a real talent and a unique approach by focusing on “getting people out of story.” I’ll see if I can find a couple folks here heading to Rishikesh who’d be keen on a reading.

Kent, California


Now, some many more days after our meeting, I don't want to miss to give you some feedback. Although I still haven't analyzed all of the records, I really got some "Aha-effects" from your words. Thanks to your reading I really got a new view on some areas of my life, my behavior and reactions. Especially the Enneagram opened some doors a bit more. After studying the notes of our meeting, I could and now can even better see the moment, when my Ego tries to be the captain and navigates me out of center. It's really interesting how detailed some descriptions fit and how automatically we sometimes react, while we're still thinking to act very controlled and individual. The Vedic astrology was also very interesting for me, but till now I had so little contact with this topic, that I have to dive deeper into that to get the benefits and to understand the deeper meaning. Thanks a lot for your peaceful and charming analyses and suggestions,

Christoph from Germany


To be honest, I wasn't sure there was going to be any major shift, but after a few weeks back at work I can see that indeed there is a positive change in me. I have been able to recognize triggers and remind myself to stay increasingly present since returning to work. I can now separate from ego and decide to participate or not, instead of withdrawing and/or getting angry and frustrated. My sense of responsibility has shifted and I no longer feel a need to prove something to other people. This was a huge hurdle for me prior to your reading. I feel much more stable and in control of my reactions. 


Before this recent India trip I couldn't see any possible way of staying here in Canada, or even in this life. It felt like my job was killing me, sucking the life out of me. I thought that was the problem. I just wanted to run far, far away. But there was a nagging voice inside that kept telling me that might not be the answer, and more annoyingly, that if I can't be happy right here and now then it's highly unlikely I can be happy anywhere. Within a few days of arriving in Rishikesh I knew that running away was not the solution, and for the first time I was able to accept that I would have to actually find a way to just be happy wherever I am.  But how? 


I've been telling people about my session with you, and have been saying "to be honest, I don't even remember what it was exactly he said, but it changed my life" which sounds a wee bit ridiculous, but it's true. So I finally listened to the entire recording of our session over the weekend. Immediately, I was shocked by the incredible amount of noise in the background, the din of Rishikesh that I don't seem to even notice when I'm there. It amused me to make the correlation that prior to your reading my life had been like that - so much noise in my mind that I couldn't see straight. The wheels were running non-stop searching for the problem to be solved and it always eluded me. Now, instead, there is peace and my life flows more smoothly. 


The wisdom from the Enneagram feels like Open Sesame. Without even being fully conscious of the actual lesson, it worked its way through me. I don't get bogged down in the details anymore. I don't need to control things. I can follow direction at work now without making a complete analysis of each request. I don't need my job to fulfill me. It's just a way of funding my life, for now. I no longer need to recover from every foray outside my home. I don't need to be responsible for maintaining every relationship in the universe. I am no longer overwhelmed and exhausted. I can focus on the big picture. 

I am returning to school, part-time, to follow my passion, Holistic Natural Nutrition. For the first time in over 15 years I have the energy and clarity to commit to something after work on a regular basis. 

I am willing to show up and be affected by life. Mere words cannot express my gratitude, but thank you. 

Donna, Canada

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