Certain truths are inherent in this world.


1. There exists a universality: things are connected in all ways.


2. Life on Earth is part of the Universe, which feeds us and makes all life possible.


3. This is a special time to be alive, with a deep opportunity every day to live aware of our essence.




                        We live in challenging times. 

While our lives can be extremely challenging, within that lies tremendous opportunity.


Are you frustrated by an inability to find peace and understanding in your life?


Do you hunger for deeper meaning and purpose?


I offer help in your search to find true solutions. My goal is to mentor you to transcend beliefs of limitation. We can see through conditioned behavior and behaviors drop away as they lose their usefulness. There is a tidal wave of awakening spreading all over the world, which you can join. It is helpful to have a guide to get there. Are you ready to give up the ordinary life? I am dedicated to support your search for inner happiness using a variety of modalities. When we awaken to the fact that all life is connected by the same cosmic intelligence, then our heart naturally opens.







It is essential to have maps and guides to help us find our way, I have experienced that the universal truths that Astrology, Enneagram and the Wheel of Totality share (because all life is connected) can help us understand who we are. We can experience the freedom of living happier in conscious ways, to feel in touch with our True Self, and thus to realize who we really are,          


"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration."

                                                                                                                                               Nikola Tesla 


Photograph copyright by Jared Chambers
The Yugas

There are basic questions to ask as we gather information about understanding this life.


What? Astrology helps us to understand what planetary life force energies we are imprinted with at birth.


How? Enneagram shows us how energy (personality) is patterned encouraging us to live beyond limitations.


When? The Yugas place us in the long term Earth cycles we are living through.


Why?, we may never know, Who are we? This is the question of a lifetime that we can find answers for.


Picture your life as a journey on a sailboat across the great ocean.


What?  Astrology reveals the characteristics of the sail on the sailboat.


How?  Enneagram highlights the unique way we each sail our boat.


When? The Yugas shows the chart of the waters for life's sailing journey.

Sailboat from Awake the movie

What do we know in this life?

How can we find answers?



Wheel of Totality

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