the 3 levels of the Location Astrology Reading


We can learn the ways where we live affects us and also for the places, that we may want to visit or move to. In addition, we can find places that encourage the kinds of growth and life we are looking to have.

I would like to suggest that for some clients, they do well with a bit more in depth reading on themselves before we do the location reading. A new place can help us to have new attitudes but it is rarely a Shangri La on its own, because of all the problems and attitudes with us already, the “baggage.” So, if you are wanting insight on you and do a move, location is kind of the last step, not the ‘first’ step which is what it is thought to be by many. For some at “crossroads” in their life or if this life has been particularly confusing or challenging, then I suggest a deeper dive before we do the location part. Any baggage we already have, needs to be settled to get the full value of a new place. We always spend a good amount of time on your natal chart before we look at relocation charts and the lines.

So, I have developed 3 ways to go about having the astrocartography reading.

The regular dive is the first and the simplest for those that are clear in themselves. In this location reading we spend half the time or more looking at the natal chart. Wherever we go we bring “us” and our baggage” with us, so for me when we clarify what that is, then the location part comes much easier. It can almost answer itself. The reading is to do some natal astrology reading and then the astrocartography. The reading takes 2 hours and is $200-120 USD sliding scale.

For people who are having personal difficulties or do not know themselves very well, or lots of changes in their lives over the last few years, I've got these two additional readings with added steps.

In the 2nd option the deeper dive, we go through your Enneagram of Personality point for an hour, then we do the natal astrology and then the location astrology analysis. That's 3 hours and is $300-150 USD sliding scale. The Enneagram of Personality shows us the nature of the personality stories we have at the core and our core triggers. When we learn to observe our own behavior, we can create new neuron pathways to help awaken us to who we really are. It also helps to depersonalize other people’s characteristics and any tensions. This modality first appeared in the 1960s and I have been working with it for 25 years.

The deepest dive is the 3rd option for those that need more help or feel attracted to learning as much as they can and includes the full Life Reading and then the location reading. This is sometimes in 2 sessions.

Life reading 3 hours and includes 3 modalities for $300-150 USD sliding scale, Enneagram, astrology and Wheel of Totality. Then location astrology reading. This combined offering can take 4 hours in total, depending on how wide your location search is, it is possible to do that section quicker. For some I have done the location section after the Life reading. Others like time to integrate before the location part. The Life reading can be intense. These kinds of sessions may not answer where to be, but it will give you the insight to be able to figure it out.

Life reading is 3 hours in 3 parts: The Enneagram of Personality shows us our core triggers. We learn about the patterns of the personality. The strengths and weaknesses of the personality with natal astrology. This is more overview than the location astrology version. The Wheel of Totality, the blind spots, what we don’t know that only at 50 do we start working on. The Life Reading lands better when the client is relaxed and open. It’s possible to do some location after a life reading, but some do it a separate time, choosing to integrate the information first. For checking the whole world, it’s better to do it a separate time to be fresh to really do it justice.

One other alternative is a new favorite, for older clients, they couple the location #1, the regular location reading, with the Spiritual Progress reading. Check the website for specifics on the Spiritual Progress reading. This combined offering can take 4 hours in total.