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Life Reading:


The goal is to transcend beyond personal story, to see through our conditioning, to understand our true nature, to gain tools for living in freedom from life's challenges and to see our life as one with all. We want to live beyond the borders we make for ourselves. We want to let go of attitudes that don't serve us and that aren't really true anyway.


This is not a usual astrology reading. There is no guarantee that personal problems will be solved, but we hope to alleviate the problem by adjusting our viewpoint to a more universal focus. I am interested in giving guidelines to handle all situations to facilitate the release of mind/body connections. We can see a difficulty or crisis in our lives as an opportunity--live as things happen for us, not to us. Difficulties can provide the material for reflections and offer impetus to make new evaluations of how we can best attain our goals of moving past limitations, and beyond our judgments and prejudices, even if they are neither ours nor true.


I use Vedic Astrology of India to find areas of natal strength and weakness in our personality. I use the Enneagram of Personality to gain definition on the structure of the personality. In seeing the mechanical aspects of our personality story, we can gain freedom from it, in recognizing its automatic nature. The Wheel of Totality shows attitudes to work on. Understanding where we are in the Yugas will enable the client to expand consciousness, as clients adapt to living in a larger, more universal, focus. Sometimes I use Tarot to provide us indicators of the quality of energy occurring at the moment and for insight on our blocks and resistance. The goal is for us both is to use our intuition to read the moment to moment reality. It's a time of communication and sharing.


The client is an active part of the reading, we work in partnership. The physical body, personal mannerisms, and core aspects of the personality all contain clues to the areas of resistance and by reflecting on these areas it will highlight areas for energy work. A client who brings willingness and maturity, who is self-motivated and looking for deeper satisfaction in their lives will benefit from the reading. A client who has had crisis more than once in their life can benefit because he or she becomes more malleable to develop the willingness necessary to see life beyond our personal stories. I can help clients who desire to be committed to living conscious lives who perhaps are feeling a dissatisfaction with their life conditions. I would like to explore together living beyond the limitations of the personality and exploring the expanded reaches of what it means to be a human being.


One has to break beyond at some point, go over the line of what we are used to, to truly explore our true Self.


I offer these kinds of readings:

Individual Life Readings

Couple Relationship Readings

Parents and Children Family Readings


In person or Zoom

Life Reading with three modalities can last over 3 hours

Cost $125 to $250 Sliding Scale


Budget sessions with one or two modalities can be more effective, digesting the medicine in smaller doses. One to one and a half hours.

Cost $80 to $150 Sliding Scale


Follow up reading: Many clients are able to take in the information from the reading and work on their own to digest and incorporate changes in their life. Others can benefit from a follow up reading of counseling where we work together to help you take your next steps.

Cost $60 to $100/ hour Sliding Scale


Location Astrology Reading: 


How does the reading work?

We’ll start looking at the Vedic/Sidereal natal birth chart to see the impact of the houses that the planets are in at the birth place. We’ll unpack planetary strengths and weakness to guide our exploration of truly favorable location. We can go over one by one places you have lived and visited plus places that you are attracted to and examine the powers there.


Then we will look at the astroCartoGraphy map of your birth chart and find places that will encourage the growths you want to make, the influences you want to encourage in the environment. Learn where particular planets energies are stronger for our nature. Planets change strength and accessibility depending on where we are located. We can find places where we can thrive, for example where our creativity, wellbeing and growth are naturally engaged and available.


The reading can explain our long-term fascination to certain perhaps exotic places and our uncomfortableness surrounding where we were born or other places we have lived. We have certain givens no matter where we live, we don’t theoretically grow fingers by moving to a new place. But we can find more fertile ground in different locations that enable us to mature in ways that are more difficult in other places. 


By viewing oneself with the changing input of the Relocation charts, what appears is a deeper understanding of our behavior and an opportunity let go of baggage collected on our human travels. This is a dynamic reading is a catalyst for self-growth-- a force in our own evolution and unfolding.


With the reading each will receive:

An audio recording of the session

Natal and Relocation astrology charts

The astrocartography map


Cost $80 to $150 Sliding Scale


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What do we know in this life?

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