"When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe."                                                                                                  John Muir 



We have all experienced there are major fulcrum turning points in our life. Times when clarity and support, perhaps just a simple helping hand, can give us the assurance or vision to move forward with what we "know" we need to do. It gives me great joy to connect deeply with others to provide a bridge across that sometimes scary troubled waters of doubt. I help people to find inside themselves all the satisfaction that they look for in the outside world. I can help to make sense of our confusing lives and help to magnetize you to your real goals.  



From my earliest memories I felt a deep connection to numbers. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 just made more sense to me than a, b, c, d, e. I felt an order in numbers. There is beauty and symmetry in say a Sudoku puzzle, where all lines use the same 9 numbers and we see so many different ways to express the same thing. Numbers have a rhythm, like when they are used to make music. They can be relaxing like when we count sheep at night to help fall asleep. Letters are made into words and the limitless variety of possibilities can be thrilling to people, but words have different meanings and thus can be unclear and confusing what people are really trying to say. Such is the perspective from which I first viewed this life--to find an understanding and sense of order from the chaos that composes our lives. 

As an adult I have been a seeker and devotee on the spiritual path for more than 40 years. I began studying astrology in the early 1970's, in my mid 20's, first attracted to its numerical and mystical nature. It was at this time that I also first read The Holy Science, written by Sri Yukteswar, and started learning about the Yugas. I became a disciple of the well known Indian master, Paramahansa Yogananda, and spent 20 years living in a spiritual community in California experiencing deep lessons in discipleship and Indian philosophy.


I started and managed several successful small businesses spread over a variety of service and product industries during my 30's and 40's. My theme was to use my own cutting edge view point and values to frame a traditional business in service to the highest human ideals. I was a minister and councilor in my community, working with the staffs and the public in the businesses in supportive ways. I had an interest even at that time encouraging people around me to grow and expand beyond self-inflicted limitations. 


In 1999 my life changed in many ways. First, I was introduced to the Enneagram and began an in-depth study of this fascinating modality. Intuitively I felt there to be a connection between astrology and the Enneagram. My mathematical nature saw that the two modalities speak with one voice but from two perspectives. I was soon fortunate to meet and study with Dr. Curtis Blair who had developed a workable system for explaining the relationship between the two disciplines. At the core of this relationship was it's connection to all of existence. I did not know at the time, but I would spend the next 15 years exploring the depth of what he shared with me. I found the magic string from which all else generates.


Also then in 1999, I starting spending half the year traveling the world buying hand made items, textiles, jewelry, spiritual items, for my business selling handicrafts wholesale to stores in the US. I was very fortunate to be able to travel extensively for pleasure while on buying trips. I have great memories of sitting with awakened teachers and of my visits to many holy places--places of natural beauty and places of spiritual power, on all the continents of the world.


The whole time traveling I was observing my human brothers and sisters in all these different cultures. The truth became clear, we are not so different. Cultures may seem different at first, but eventually as you spent time enmeshed not separate from them, the sense of difference disappears. Eventually as the reflections gained larger focus, I realized the immensity of the universe and it's natural connection to our Earth. All is made of the same materials. There is no other.


During this traveling time I started giving Astrology/Enneagram, Celestial Enneagram  readings to people I met along the way, wanting to share truth about who we really are. Now retired and settled back in the US with grandchildren, I feel inward delight that's its time now to share the wisdom and insight I have been honored to receive, here in a more dynamic way. I hope to inspire and teach you to live inwardly in the freedom that is present in each moment no matter your life circumstance. Freedom is immediately available to us all.


In sharing a life time of experience with my readings and teaching, I am fascinated with new found beauty and opportunity I find in words and letters. I find the challenge of communication so helpful in our search for the essence of our true being. For eventually I believe we will grow to see from all the seats at the table, to encompass all the points of view to make us whole. My college degree, business and life experiences, marriage and child raising, travel and study of great traditions, meditation and spiritual practices--all this and more combine to make me who I am, just as your experiences make you, you. My greatest wish is to be of service to you. 


It's such a dynamic time these first years in our new century, people all over the world are simultaneously feeling the call to wake up. Let's all join together in celebration. 




What do we know in this life?

How can we find answers?