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Pathways to Conscious Living

Vedic Astrology and Enneagram of Personality

I want to share with you an opportunity for an authentic online transformative learning experience.


This class is for those who feel confused and frustrated at life. It's for those who wonder why is my life so hard. Some of us take what comes too personal. We wish to live with more confidence and self-esteem. There are resistances we have in our life that put a barrier between us and what we want. We need to gain a larger view of life and not take things so seriously. Some long for that special relationship, wanting to understand and connect with the people around them. Sometime our simple soul call is to make "my" business work. "What is holding me back?

This two hour workshop is intended for all, from beginner to experienced practitioner. It's guaranteed to offer you a lot to think about.


Astrology reflects real forces at work. It’s like an astral weather map helping us to navigate life. Enneagram can show us the mechanical patterning of our personality. This helps us to understand our self and others more clearly. Using the modalities together can help us to be free of the limiting beliefs we hold that are not really true.


Astrology integrates science and intuition. Enneagram teaches us to learn to observe. I help people to live more in the moment--free of our head, ego or the past or future. I can teach you to release the weight and pain of your burdens. The maps I share give us our stuck places, our resistances. They make it so clear, that any one can see it.

Longitude and Latitude, we can place ourselves more accurately by using the two coordinates together.


Some topics to be covered

* planets, houses and the constellations

* sidereal time and the four elements

* Enneagram's nine points of personality

* coping strategies we use--basic instinct, wings, where we go when stressed and relaxed

* we will have time for questions and discussion


What you will learn

* We'll cover basics of astrology and Enneagram

* Ways to observe our own behavior and tendencies

* Ways to release what doesn't serve our highest good

* Welcome more joy in our life as we live more moment to moment

I have been studying and sharing astrology for forty-five years. I have worked with and teach Enneagram of Personality nearly twenty years. I use these modalities in Life Readings I offer to clients both here and India. The focus of my life is to help people wake up to who they really are--to live beyond stories and suffering.

July 24, 2017, 10 am pacific time, 1 pm eastern, 6 pm UK, 7 pm Euro

Sliding scale $20-$0

Class will be recorded. Everyone can access the Video on their own


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I also offer Life Readings using Astrology, Enneagram and my Wheel of Totality. Together they give three unique perspectives to understand the flows of this life journey.


Testimonials of the class and Indra Rinzler


What a fabulous Workshop! I learned so much! I am looking forward to having my Astrological chart done integrated with the Enneagram. It's pretty fascinating stuff.


Thank you Indra, I feel today was a catalyst that will set off a chain of events. I went to sit by the water today and reflected on what you told me. You told me exactly what I needed to hear. 

I now see myself through a very different lens and am overwhelmed with gratitude to know.  I feel like Goldilocks finding her own bed, a fit that is just right!  Seeing how I operate has been soooooo liberating and empowering. Thank you for all the gifts you brought to my attention.  


The words, wisdom and knowledge that you shared with me today have 
really resonated with me. It is a joyous feeling to have words for me to 
understand the unvoiced stirrings within me. Thank you so very much.