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Astrology for Self-Awareness

The Transformative Power of Science and Intuition

A 4 week class series

I want to share with you an opportunity for an authentic online transformative learning experience.


These classes will give you a new perspective to help encourage you be able to change your life, change your attitudes, and feel the difference. I can help to slow down your life, so you don't react to it as much. Changes can be felt immediately. You can learn to clearly express what you feel. An abundance of joy will come when you live more in the moment rather than in the past or future in head centered ideas.

Astrology is an ancient modality based on science that provides a map or tool to help support us in this confusing life we enjoy. Used with intuition it can explain the strength and challenges that affect our life. Astrology can be used in predictive ways, where people tell us what will happen and we give our power away to these ideas whether they come true or not. I don't teach astrology this way. My focus is to totally empower you to see your life clearly and to access these deepest strengths and challenges.


This class is for those who feel confused and frustrated at life. It's for those who wonder why is my life so hard. Some of us take what comes too personal. We wish to live with more confidence and self-esteem. There are resistances we have in our life that put a barrier between us and what we want. We need to gain a larger view of life and not take things so seriously. Some long for that special relationship, wanting to understand and connect with the people around them. Sometime our simple soul call is to make "my" business work. "What is holding me back?

I can help this goal to live more in the moment, out of our head, ego or the past or future. I can teach you to release the weight and pain of all your burdens. I will teach you an astrology that can help you to see your stuck places, your resistances. Astrology make it so clear, that any one can see it. I want to teach you methods to take power back in your life. I give you a compass to help you know which direction to go.

This class series will provide an in-depth look at the essentials of astrology. Astrology has mathematical roots and is influenced by the constant cycles and patterns found in nature. Astrology works like metaphysics, beyond the physical plane, similar to feng shui and yoga. The focus of the classes will be on ENERGY astrology--the forces planets and the heavens generate which affect us. The classes provide opportunity to understand who you are through science and intuition. I will provide you with your astrology chart so you can learn to interpret it as we go. Experience the terrain of your life in a new way. Understanding astrology can generate growth and change.


Class 1 Learning the basics of astrology, August 1, 2017 10 am PT

What is astrology?

Is astrology a science?

We will learn the aspects that make up a chart, planet, houses and signs, science and intuitive deductive reasoning.

Vedic and western astrology, how are they different?

Precession of the equinox, the most important and hardest to understand aspect of astrology.

Reading a chart.


Class 2 The history and power of astrology, August 8, 2017, 10 am PT

As above so below, we will get some new perspectives about the time in history that we are living in.

The yugas, India's cycle of history.

Enneagram, a map for observation.

Longitude and latitude, how Astrology and Enneagram work together.


Class 3 Reading astrology charts, August 15, 2017, 10 am PT

Be fluid in your interpretation of a chart.

Astrology gives not prediction but potential, opportunity, with challenge and difficulty.

The lunation cycle.

4 lines of self determination.

The whole view method.

The nodes of the moon.


Class 4 Higher octaves of astrology, August 22, 2017, 10 am PT

Nakshatras, the Moon's 27 signs.

Mahadashas, the great planetary cycles of this life.

The power of the empty houses.

We'll look at some of the astrological aspects that impact and can help all of our relationships.

I have been studying and sharing astrology for 45 years. I also teach Enneagram of Personality. I use these modalities in Life Readings I offer to clients both here and India. The focus of my life is to help people wake up to who they really are--to live beyond stories and suffering.

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August 1, 8, 15, 22, 10 am pacific time, 1 pm Eastern time, 6 pm UK, 7 pm Euro

Full class series $100-80 sliding scale

Per class $20-10, sliding scale

Class will be recorded. Everyone can access the Video on their own

Send me your birth information and I will send you your chart for the class.


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I also offer Life Readings using Astrology, Enneagram and my Wheel of Totality. Together they give 3 unique perspectives to understand the flows of this life journey.


Testimonials for Astrology classes and Indra Rinzler


It was very informative and I appreciate all I have received. Thanks for stepping out and putting it together.


We just wanted to check in and thank you for all your valued teaching. We have gained many insights from you this year.


I have been enjoying the classes very much!


Thank you Indra, I feel today was a catalyst that will set off a chain of events. I went to sit by the water today and reflected on what you told me. You told me exactly what I needed to hear. 

I now see myself through a very different lens and am overwhelmed with gratitude to know.  I feel like Goldilocks finding her own bed, a fit that is just right!  Seeing how I operate has been soooooo liberating and empowering. Thank you for all the gifts you brought to my attention.  


The words, wisdom and knowledge that you shared with me today have 
really resonated with me. It is a joyous feeling to have words for me to 
understand the unvoiced stirrings within me. Thank you so very much.



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