Map of Consciousness








                           The Wheel of Totality


This is a tool that I use in my readings as a map to navigate our way to Totality. I use it to show in a graphic form, all the areas that an awakening spiritual life encompass. The goal is to give clarity and boundaries and clearly enunciate the actual specific items of awareness that need to be embraced to have freedom from the culturally conditioned human stories that bind our wings. The expectation is that by seeing what constitutes Totality this will make the goal easier to attain.  These are the stripes that we need to "earn" in order to maintain the feeling of powerful, all-encompassing Totality. People absorb information in different ways, so this graphic is of value to the many people who can be helped by the visual clarity it offers. There are many ways to view and work with this information. I believe the Wheel of Totality can provide something tangible that can be felt and explored with positive results by those that feel an affinity to learn best using these kinds of understandings.


You may think of this wheel as a mandala for it represents the universe pictorially. By focusing successively on each of its stages and absorbing the logic of its form we each can successfully approach the center. It can also be viewed similarly as an astrology chart, a map to help navigate this life. The wheel is divided into 12 "houses" or spheres of influence each containing an aspect of human existence that we need to embraced in order to attain a lasting and fulfilling experience at the center in totality. Another way to view the houses is as doorways that we have to pass through to deeper understanding. By definition totality can not be missing anything. But to be guided to its extensions, to attempt to light up the wisdom in its corners and shadows (corners and shadows probably being more of a literary invention than fact), this wheel can help to add knowledge and experience that is maybe missing (in the conscious sense) in you, the participant.


The outer most circle of the wheel describes the type of activity natural to each pie slice. The larger inner circle contains a core value or awareness that we need to embrace to live in deep awake simple presence. They are doorways to Totality and in embracing the depth of the concepts we drop stories of misunderstanding, limitation, and pain. The activity in the outer circle is also a doorway to the awareness next to it in the inner circle. There is a relationship between them that may not be quickly evident. In gaining insight into the relationship between the two circles exists fertile ground for additional insight to both the inner larger circle and the central circle of Totality. 



"Be willing to see yourself as a limitless being, and the totality of all things. Your whole life becomes an exploration of seeing just how far you can reach beyond your self-made limitations. Live your life for the enlightenment and awakening of all beings, not just yourself." ShantiMayi


What do we know in this life?

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