Awakening to Inner Presence

                                                         a two seminar workshop


         We use maps in life to help us guide our way. Two maps or modalities I use are astrology, the study of our planetary imprinting at birth, and the Enneagram of Personality, the core lens that describes our personality. These modalities are examples of Forces of Nature, natural energy that affect us. The seminar will introduce both modalities and then by placing them within Indian’s cycles of Yugas, we'll get deeper understanding of this special time in history. Then we need to learn how to use the insights our observations help us to gain. The second seminar, the 4 Doorways to Conscious Living, will take us through attitudes we can practice to help us to live more in the moment. Some will immediately see through their resistances and experience fresh new attitudes as quickly as the next day. The two seminars will share simple insights to help our Awakening to Inner Presence. 




  1st seminar      Forces of Nature

  Using Science and Intuition to further our Conscious Awakening

This unique seminar is an introduction to ancient and sacred modalities designed to help you to WAKE UP to who you really are. The seminar will explain how three modalities interact together. Most people find it riveting and extremely informative. The seminar is intended for both beginner and experienced seekers.



                        Astrology is based on ancient observable science. Knowing the                                    strengths and weaknesses of the alignment of planets at our birth                                can help us to overcome the challenges we face.



                        The Enneagram of Personality shows us which

one of the 9 personality stories we have at our core. This is a

powerful and unique modality, that helps us to navigate our life. 



                         By studying the Yugas, the ancient Indian system of cyclical ages,

                         we learn much about ourselves and the recurring patterns embedded                             in our history.



  Tues, July 31, 10:00 am and Wed, Aug 8, 5:00 pm, Pacific time


                                               $15/seminar, both for $25



2nd seminar  The 4 Doorways to Conscious Living

A comprehensive approach to our own awakening that requires

nothing but our own simple effort

This seminar will share the 4 doorways, natural steps on the path that yield, like day yields to night, to your increased awareness. We will learn how it is possible to go within to clear out what does not belong, the mis-identifications and self-denying thinking which can take us out of the moment. With a slide presentation and three meditation exercises, we will share some simple steps you can implement immediately to help you to be more conscious of the life within and without. The techniques are simple, nothing to buy, no experience needed, immediately life changing. You just have to pay attention.  I bring 45 years of spiritual seeking to what I offer to you. 


 This is a heart opening experience. 


    Wed, Aug 1, 10:00 am and Thurs, Aug 9 5:00 pm, Pacific time



                                                        Presented by Indra Rinzler who has been involved in Spirituality and                                                              Astrology for 45 years. He has studied and shared the Enneagram of                                                                  Personality since 1999 He uses these modalities in Life Readings he                                                                    offers to clients both in the US and in India and Thailand. The focus of                                                                his life is to help people to wake up to who they really are--to live                                                                      beyond one's stories and suffering.


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           The Workshop Series will be offered twice           Click to Buy A seminar 

                     Each workshop contains two seminars


1st offering,

Forces of Nature, July 31, 10:00 am-Noon, Pacific time,

4 Doorways to Conscious Living, Aug 1, 10:00 am-Noon, Pacific time


2nd offering...

Forces of Nature, Aug 8, 5:00-7:00 pm, Pacific time.....

4 Doorways to Conscious Living, Aug 9, 5:00-7:00 pm, Pacific time


Recommended to take both seminars in this order, but it is OK to just register for one seminar as they stand on their own


                                                    $15/seminar, both for $25



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