Defining the Energy

from the Stars                                                                                                                                                           





Astrology is the study of the interaction of human being and his/her external environment mainly from the planets and cosmic forces. Electromagnetic energy of attraction and repulsion affect us and we can choose to counter what the forces do to our bodies and minds, through conscious living and attention focusing practices. Once we know how to control the inner nature, we can over come the outer or astrological influences.


Astrology's roots date from thousands of years ago as many (maybe all) ancient cultures were tuned into the energy from the sky. There was a high point in Greece when scientific truth about the planets and the solar system was known and celebrated. Then as the man descended into denser times, these truths were lost and Astrology and planetary knowledge was hidden to man. Even into the Renaissance, men could be killed or jailed for speaking of the Earth's orbiting the Sun.


In the last 150 years expansive new ideas about Astrology have been developed as astrologers have combined psychology and metaphysics with Astrology to form new ways of working with the stars. But too often we still hear people describe themselves this way, "l am a Scorpio," or they may say, "Life is hard because my Saturn is . . .” Yes, we feel affected and are affected by the planets' energy. Our culture has encouraged us to misidentify the planetary energy as if it is who we are. Often it feels like planetary influences are here to do us harm, when in fact they can help to guide us. But to define ourselves in limited ways because of the belief, planets confine us in their essence, is to hold ourselves back from the true potential of this life. 


Life's circumstances highlight areas where our personality engages as situations arise--difficult situations can bring out the rawest of human behavior. In my Life Readings I use Astrology (Vedic Astrology of India) to uncover the strengths and weaknesses of the planets for us based on the placements in the sky at the time of birth. Life's challenges are not to limit us but to encourage us to expand beyond the mental place where resistances and imbalances arise. When planets are afflicted (unfavorably aspected) in our natal chart, we tend to compensate in our behavior because of the perceived feeling of weakness, the lack of the planet's energy in its placement. A planet in a strong position in our chart may induce a feeling of overwhelm so we may then compensate with arrogance in our behavior or we may seemingly disappear unable to handle what seems too much strong energy.


When we realize the nature of our cosmic makeup and we can learn to accept what is, the up-and-down-roller-coaster-ride nature of life can mellow. We can take things that happen to us less personally and see the usefulness in all situations.




"The Stars incline, but do not compel."                Unknown
Our Sun

What do we know in this life?

How can we find answers?